Fallen Gods 1: David Gold and Woods of Ypres

David Gold

“The Allure of the Earth
When you are through with trying
When you are tired and days are long
Letting go seems so inviting”

-The Allure of the Earth by Woods of Ypres

I discovered Woods of Ypres the way most people today discover music they otherwise would be ignorant of, a related song in a YouTube playlist. The song was titled I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery  and after one listen I was instantly infatuated with their sound. It was heavy, it was dark, and it makes you contemplate the grim truth under the shadow of which all of us live. One day we will die and be nothing more that a cold stone slab in a field, cracked and forgotten.

After a quick search to see what the band was up to these days I learned that David Gold, the lead singer/guitarist had died tragically in a car accident. I would never get to see a band that I had immediately fallen in love with musically. So instead I began seeking out as much music as I could find by Woods of Ypres and binge listened to everything I could get my hands on. I listened in my darkened room and beneath the shadow of the tragic death of David Gold every note played became a funeral dirge. Every syllable uttered became a eulogy to a great musician, who died before his time.

A cold chill ran up my spine as it felt as though a ghost was singing these songs of despair and death directly to me. David Gold has died but his music never will for those of us who enjoy his work and share it with others.


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